School Policies

Bungaree Primary School aligns all policies with the Victorian Government’s guidelines. Our school policies are informed by the governance and operational policies and advice conveyed in the School Policy & Advisory Guide, and comply with a range of legislative and regulatory requirements.


The Department has developed a new Schools’ Privacy Policy and related documents for all Victorian government schools to implement.  You can access the Privacy Policy on the Department of Education & Training website.


All policies have been endorsed by School Council and are periodically reviewed.


For more information on school policies, advice and guidelines, please access the School Policy & Advisory Guide online, or contact School Council or the school office.


Please find below a range of relevant school policies used for regular reference by our school community.


If you are unable to find the information you are looking for in the policies or documents below, please contact the school office.


Anaphylaxis Policy 


Asbestos Management Policy


Asthma Policy


Attendance Policy


Behaviour Management (Bullying Prevention) Policy


Cash Handling Policy


CCTV Policy


Child Safety Code of Conduct


Child Safety Policy


Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures


Code of Conduct for Members of the Bungaree Primary School Community


Communication with School Staff Policy


Concerns and Complaints Policy


Curriculum Framework Policy


Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning Policy


Duty of Care and School Supervision Policy


Electronic Funds Management Policy


Emergency and Critical Incident Management Planning Policy


Excursions and Camps Policy


First Aid Policies and Procedures


Health Care Needs Policy


Homework Policy


Inclusion and Diversity Policy


Medication Policy


Mobile Phone Policy


Parent Payment Arrangements 2022 (further DET information available here)


Personal Property Policy


Privacy Collection Notice


Respectful Behaviours within the School Community (DET)


School Purchasing Card Policy


Schools' Privacy Policy (DET)


Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy


Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy


Visitors Policy


Volunteers Policy