School Uniform

The school has a great uniform and it is available at a reasonable cost.


Children are strongly encouraged to wear our uniform, particularly on any excursions outside of the school. We believe that our uniform increases the feeling of belonging, decreases ‘peer pressure’ related to clothing, and develops pride in the school.


School uniform items with the Bungaree Primary School logo can be purchased from Rufcut Clothing (202 Lyons Street South, Ballarat). You may also purchase clothing at other outlets and have the logo applied at Rufcut.


Uniforms include:

  • Light blue polo shirt with navy shorts.
  • Navy polar fleece jumper
  • Navy track suit pants
  • Girls: Blue/white checked dress (Summer).


Broad brimmed hats are required to be worn in Terms 1 and 4 as part of DET Policy. Foundation children will be given their first school hat. Subsequent hats must be purchased.